Restaurant ENI’T- A story to tell

The ENI’T team are pleased to provide their guests with new interpretations of classic dishes in order to tell their story.



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The hotspot for meat lovers and connoisseurs in Switzerland’s city on the Limmat.

The ancient Etruscans loved meat in all imaginable ways. The restaurant “ENI’T” (Etruscan for meat) is ideally situated not too far away from Paradeplatz and offers customers an unforgettable, unique meaty experience. Zurich is now enriched by a new gastronomic attraction.

The modern interpretation of classic meat dishes are cooked with passion and refined seasoning. True to the motto “Reduced to the Max”, the restaurant also offers carefully selected ingredients and products. The restaurant is two stories high and includes a wine vault, a cheese buffet and a maturing cabinet for cuts of meat. Guests will find themselves in a cosy atmosphere and be able to enjoy this wonderful ambience with friends and family. For all the concert goers, the Tonhalle is only a short walk away. The bar menu has a tasty selection of snacks to complete a perfect evening.

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Monday till Friday - Bookings available from 11:00am–9:30pm


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